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My Philosophy


The piece of music I'm working on is your baby.  You're passionate about it and want it to be perfect.  I'm human, you're human, we're both going to make mistakes.   One thing we have in common is to produce the best piece of music possible.  This is why I allow almost unlimited changes. 


As a team, we'll both change our minds about how something should look or sound.  You might have an epiphany at 3am for a new verse, or different harmony, or you maybe decide that saxophone part would sound better on accordion (doubtful, but you never know, and nothing against accordions or saxophones was intended).  Regardless, I feel my work is out there as well is yours so I want it be right before being published and ready for mass reproduction when you win your Grammy.

What does almost unlimited mean?  It means let's be reasonable.  If you decide to scrap an entire piece, I still spent time on it and need to be compensated.  But tweaking words, notes, measures here and there, is fairly simple and takes little time to edit.  If you changes add another page, then I'll invoice your for another page.  

Nutshell: Let's work together to be beneficial (and profitable) for both of us.

Types of scores include (but not limited too): 

  • Handbell Music (full choir, ensemble, and solo)

  • Choral (all voicings including additional instrumental and/or rhythm parts)

  • Full Orchestra 

  • Full Band

  • Small Ensembles (string quartets, chamber orchestras, etc)

  • Contemporary music with unique or original symbols.

Fees below are an estimate  

  • $25-$35 per page (full score, choral octavo, handbell page including solo instrumental pages in a choral and/or handbell scores.  Price variance depends on density of music, 50+ measures of whole notes versus 50 measures of 32nd notes with individual articulations involved different amounts of time.  )

  • $15-$25 per page (individual parts broken out from a full score, clean up an already existing Finale file.)

  • $30/hour for additional work (chord creation, lyrics pages, composer notes, etc).  May also be charged as an additional page. 

What you receive
  • A professionally produced and ready to publish copy of your manuscript based on your publishers specific guidelines.  Emailed as a PDF file.

  • Cleaning up and using general conventions for music notation recognized by publishers around the world.  (Let's be honest here - when you're composing, do you really care which direction the stems go?  Let me decide that for you.)

  • Page layout to either publishers guidelines, minimize number of pages, and avoid awkward page turns.  This is your call.

  • Correcting 'spelling' errors if needed - and I mean note spelling to ensure the music makes sense theory wise.  (Yes, that's why C double flat is sometimes warranted.)

  • Transposition of full score and/or parts.

  • Light arranging.  I can help with adding chord symbols, voicing challenges, and aiding in keeping instruments with range and even a specific difficulty level.

  • Almost unlimited changes* 

Nutshell: Let's work together to be beneficial (and profitable) for both of us.

Next steps

For an estimate, sent me an email ( describing your product.  Include the voicing/orchestration, how many measures, performance level, and your timeline.  A sample of your manuscript would help if possible.  

I'll take a look and give you an estimate and if I have the bandwidth to complete the project within your timeline.   


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